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How to use WottleDo

WottleDo Events and WottleDo Businesses are standalone websites under the WottleDo umbrella.

This is how they work.

WottleDo Businesses

Power up your network – Focus; Inform and motivate; Incentivise and reward; Support and be supported

  • Businesses wanting a profile on the site (‘Wottlers’) can register and enter their details including:
    • Location/postcode
    • Tag words you would like your business to be found by in web searches
    • Key personnel. This can include links to the profiles of your key personnel as registered networkers on the WottleDo Events site, so people can see what events they can meet them at.
    • In a Nutshell (what does your business do) and Stop Press (latest news)
    • Promotions (promotional offers etc you would like people to talk about)
    • WottleWant (what your business is looking for, eg particular types of business leads)
  • Individuals not wanting a business profile on the site can register as ‘Members’
  • Wottlers and Members can import their contacts to take advantage of the filtered searches and other features which WottleDo offers
  • Wottlers can Connect with each other as ‘WottleContacts’ (similar to LinkedIn etc but for businesses)
  • Wottlers can ‘Advocate’ their WottleContacts (ones they would be happy to take calls and talk about)
  • Wottlers can ‘Champion’ their WottleContacts’ Promotions (so they appear alongside their own Promotions)
  • Wottlers and Members can elect to ‘Watch’ any Wottlers, and so receive ‘Watching Brief’ emails with updates to the details (including Stop Press, Promotions, WottleWants and also Championed Promotions) of those Wottlers
  • Wottlers can set up, communicate and manage referral rewards of their choosing (‘WottleRewards’). The default WottleReward is a payment to any charity nominated by the referrer.
  • One to one conversations between any registered user
  • Any user can search the Wottler directory. Searches can be tailored (according to whether the searcher is a Wottler, a Member or a visitor) by reference to:
    • Location (country, town, zip code…)
    • Tag words
    • Association with imported contacts (identified by the url in a Wottler’s signed up email address being the same as in email addresses of a searcher’s (Wottler or Member) imported contacts)
    • WottleContacts
    • Advocates (ie finding Wottlers Advocated by a searcher Wottler’s WottleContacts or Imported Contacts)
    • 2nd and 3rd connections of WottleContacts being applied to the above as applicable
  • Various emails generated by the site, eg a weekly update

WottleDo Events

Build up your network

  • Owners/managers of networking groups can put up profiles for their groups
  • Owners/managers of ‘umbrella’ networks can put up profiles for their networks and then put up profiles for networking groups within that network and allocate users to manage each group
  • Group managers can post pages detailing each of their networking events
  • Business networkers can register and create a short personal profile (eg name, business name, photo, LinkedIn profile link…).
  • Registered networkers can manage their networking activity by:
    • clicking to say that they plan to attend an event
    • electing to receive email updates of listings of forthcoming events selected by distance, date or type of event
    • ‘favouriting’ groups so they receive email updates of forthcoming events from favourited groups
  • Any visitor to the site can search for events, by geography or date or type of event (and from an event page can navigate through details of the group and other group events)
  • Viewers of event pages can see details of any registered networkers who have ticked as planning to attend, and can link to their profiles. These will include:
    • any LinkedIn connection between the viewer and the attendee
    • other events the attendee has ticked as planning to attend (future and past)
    • the attendee’s selected favourite networking groups
    • the attendee’s business listing on the WottleDo Businesses site (coming soon)
  • Registered networkers can create links to their profile pages from their websites, email signatures, social media sites, or their ‘key personnel’ entry in their business’ ‘Wottler’ business profile on the WottleDo Business site